In case you need help

In Tennessee

TN211 A great web site (and phone service—dial 211) that gives a comprehensive list of resources in the state. The main problem is that often there are too many results, but advanced searches are limitable by city, zip code, and search term.

Tennessee Offender Re-entry A web site managed by Project Return of links for the formerly incarcerated, much like WTTIN or our Get Help page, but focused on helping those released from jail or prison.

In Nashville

There is a resource booklet available from The Contributor, Where to Turn in Nashville, that will soon be available on the web. It is currently available in print form from The Contributor or from NHOC at the monthly meeting. Current info on emergency cold weather sheltering in Nashville is recorded at 615-800-0195 . Though not always in operation, during the most extreme cold, you can call the Cold Patrol at 615-255-2475 and the city will provide transportation to people needing to come in

The information at the following link has been updated recently and includes emergency numbers, sources of medical care, shelter resources, and meals times and sites. Information may be subject to change.

If you cannot find Nashville info there, this pdf guide may help (call first, as a number of items are outdated). Where to Find Services