60 Minutes Covers 100,000 Homes in Nashville

Open Table Nashville and How’s Nashville featured as CBS 60 Minutes examines the 100,000 Homes campaign. While it’s true that a “housing first” approach saves a lot of money,  it also is the most compassionate and just thing to do. If you watch this, remember 60 Minutes focuses here on the chronic homeless, but homelessness defies categorization. 14586 school children are homeless in Tennessee alone. Many homeless are veterans. Many women or teens fleeing abusive situations become homeless. 37% of the rural homeless are between 18 and 24. Others have lost their jobs and are overwhelmed by bills without family or friends to help. And while many of the chronic homeless do abuse alcohol, they often don’t start that way, but if they start, they often turn to it when mired in a seemingly hopeless situation. Housing first can help get people of all walks of life out of hopeless situations before things get worse and the costs, both human and financial, add up–if we support it.